Healthcare for Voice Talent Through NAVA

You have to qualify and join NAVA by the end of open enrollment on January 20, or have a qualifying life event to choose a healthcare provider through NAVA. Even though NAVA only has a few hundred members since they started a few weeks ago, their plan is part of a larger group of 50,000+ members that has been around since 2014.

There is no income threshold to qualify to join NAVA. Open to Non-Union and Union talent alike. Apply hereDetailed requirements here. NAVA Healthcare (WebinarTranscript • 323-304-3865) goes through the Ease Partners Program to provide healthcare access. NAVA also provides other benefits to its members, such as a training webinars. It is likely to be better than C.O.B.R.A. for most that have and lose healthcare benefits.

Having a voiceover website, a Fiverr account and one review of your work would be an example of a possible minimum requirement to join.

Healthcare plans available through NAVA are not as good as those available through SAG-AFTRA Union healthcare, but Union healthcare require Union qualification, Annual Union dues, and earnings of $26,470/year (was $25,950) to qualify. 

Example of a qualifying event, meaning an event that allows you to join a healthcare plan outside of open enrollment: if you are receiving SAG-AFTRA Union healthcare and become unqualified due to your income dropping below $26,470/year.

In August, 2022 NAVA surveyed folks interested in healthcare before finalizing their offering.

Requirements to Join

NAVA is a professional association.

In order to join as a member you must be a professional voice actor, able to submit 3-5 supporting materials to show professional voiceover work from the previous 12 months. Examples of supporting materials include:

  1. A voiceover website
  2. Your online casting profile page (Voice123, Voices, Bodalgo, Fiverr, etc.)
  3. A link to a video of your work
  4. Your LinkedIn page, your Facebook Professional Page, or other social media which lists you as a professional.
  5. Any online reviews of your work
  6. Other links showing your work
  7. Your IMDb page
  8. Your name on your agent’s website

Once your submission has been approved (less than one week), you will be able to enroll as a member. Introductory first year membership costs $120 for a full year, which entitles you to all member benefits, including access to apply for the health insurance plans.

If your submission is not approved, or you are not able to pay the membership fee, you can sign up to the mailing list to be updated on the many free or donation based events that are offered by NAVA that do not require a membership.
You may re-apply to become a member once 6 months have elapsed since your last application.

You can donate to NAVA through your Amazon purchases.

As a member of NAVA you will have access to financial aid and various scholarships throughout the year through the Brad Venable Fund. I would not recommend expecting to receive benefits from this fund, or use its existence as a reason to join NAVA.  NAVA on Facebook here.